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Dignity Flooring proudly serves East Liverpool, Ohio.  We specialize in hardwood flooring, laminate flooring and luxury vinyl flooring.

East Liverpool is a city in southeastern Columbiana County, Ohio. It flanks the Ohio River within the Upper Ohio Valley and borders Pennsylvania to the east and West Virginia to the south. East Liverpool lies within the Salem micropolitan area about 34 miles from both Youngstown and downtown Pittsburgh. Along with the neighboring town of Calcutta, Ohio, East Liverpool remains a lovely place to live, with convenient shopping and services of every kind.

Dignity Flooring serves the area of East Liverpool and Calcutta.  We are just minutes from East Liverpool and Calcutta Ohio along the East Liverpool Rd heading up toward West Point and Lisbon, OH.  A family owned and locally operated business, we pride ourselves on providing excellent service and quality installations.


Dignity Flooring in East Liverpool Ohio
Aerial East Liverpool Ohio

Dignity Flooring celebrates Native American heritage

Native American petroglyphs exist in the area surrounding East Liverpool, including on Babbs Island and near the Little Beaver Creek. Before the arrival of European Americans, Mingo, Lenape, and Wyandot peoples lived in the area until the Battle of Fallen Timbers led to the Ohio Country’s settlement. In 1785, Congressional legislation established the Public Land Survey System of the United States was established in order to provide an orderly mechanism for opening the Northwest Territory for settlement.

Map of East Liverpool Dignity Flooring of Salem Ohio

Early days of East Liverpool

East Liverpool traces its founding to 1798, when Irish immigrant Thomas Fawcett purchased 1,100 acres of land along the Ohio River in what was then Jefferson County. In 1802, he platted the town of St. Clair, named for Governor Arthur St. Clair of the Northwest Territory. It was called Fawcettstown for a time, before being renamed Liverpool in 1816, after Liverpool, England. Liverpool was incorporated as East Liverpool in 1834 when Liverpool Township in Medina County objected to possible confusion. The arrival of English potter James Bennett in 1839 brought the establishment of the first bottle kiln site, launching the town’s largest industry. By 1880, the city had grown to be the largest city in the county.

pitcher, 1861 East Liverpool Porcelain Works, Dignity Flooring of Salem Ohio serves East Liverpool

Porcelain Pitcher, 1861 East Liverpool, Ohio

Noteworthy facts about East Liverpool

On October 22, 1934, local police and FBI agents led by Melvin Purvis shot and killed notorious bank robber Pretty Boy Floyd.  This occurred in a cornfield just north of town after Floyd fled East Liverpool, and returned his body to the town for embalming.

The town reached its peak population of more than 26,000 in 1970, but its pottery industry had already begun to decline by the mid-1960s. As with other industries, production moved to developing countries where labor costs were cheaper. Plus many of the city’s downtown businesses withdrew to strip malls in nearby Calcutta or left the area outright.

Dignity Flooring of Salem Ohio supports the Carnegie Library

Carnegie Library

Andrew Carnegie

Carnegie Public Library East Liverpool Ohio

Philanthropist and industrialist Andrew Carnegie funded the Carnegie Public Library, the first of the Carnegie libraries in Ohio. Carnegie’s uncle lived in East Liverpool. Local architect, A. W. Scott, designed and built the structure with Roman mottled buff-brown brick trimmed in white tile. Construction began in 1900. The lobby boasts a beautiful ceramic mosaic, wainscoting of Italian marble and solid brass hardware. The library opened on May 8, 1902, with Gertrude A. Baker of Mount Vernon, Ohio serving as its first librarian.

History of East Liverpool

Many historic properties in East Liverpool were the homesteads of prominent business owners throughout the late 19th century. These include the Cassius Clark Thompson House (1876), Ikirt House (1888), Homer Laughlin House (1882), Godwin-Knowles House (1890), and the Richard L. Cawood Residence (1923), all of unique architectural styles.

The remaining structures on the listing are large, multi-story businesses. Most of these had historical significance in the town’s economy and community during the 20th century, such as the original East Liverpool Post Office.

dignity flooring of Salem ohio likes the museum of ceramics, former East Liverpool post office located at 400 east 5th st, east liverpool ohio, dignity flooring installs hardwood in east liverpool, ohio

Museum of Ceramics, former Post Office, 400 E 5th St, E Liverpool, OH

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